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Our Expectations for SOS'23

In less than 50 days, we are eagerly anticipating the 7th edition of our annual poetry and music event—Scripts On Scrolls. Throughout my tenure as the leader of this ministry, I have been profoundly moved by the continual and dynamic manifestation of God's presence at SOS. Each passing year, we labor tirelessly and pray fervently into the event, and I am confident that this year's edition will come with it's own uniqueness.

As part of our intense preparations, I reached out to several members of our global community to glean their expectations. Their responses have not only inspired me but also deepened my resolve to intensify prayers into the program. I have shared excerpts and I think it will be worth reading to also guide your expectations as you prepare to attend this event.

PS: You may want to read on the theme before proceeding.


"A great revival that would shake us such that it will be an experience we will forever remember."

"I strongly believe that God will surely do His thing and that people's life will be touched and it will be an unforgettable moment."

"I anticipate a spiritually rewarding experience. More content; especially on the theme prayer. E.g.. types of prayers, why we should pray…etc. grace to pray."

"I yearn for the savory beauty of the fellowship and I hope to see a more intimate moment in the presence of God."

"I am expecting a more impactful and life changing event and also looking forward to see all the blessings God has for me."

"This year's SOS I'm looking forward to seeing a spirit filled, word and worship service most importantly!."

"The Move of God, that people will fall deep in love with Jesus."

"I expect to see a new facet to the spoken word ministry. I also expect a new experience with the Holy Spirit with regards to using my other talents."

For surely there is a [a]hereafter, and your hope will not be cut off. Proverbs 23:18, nkjv.

We trust the lord to do His work. Keep praying with us and also commit your expectations to the Lord. Thank you and see you on 26th November.

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