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Eyes flooded with light

When you think about this prayer snippet more deeply an interesting thought process emerges:

  1. There’s a spirit of wisdom

  2. There’s a revelation in the knowledge of Jesus Christ

  3. By receiving 1 and 2, we can have understanding.

  4. This understanding will in turn result in us knowing;

    1. The desire God had for us when he made us his children,

    2. The resources available to us because of our relationship with him,

    3. The power God has, which he has made available to us,

Have you ever wondered why you need to be a Christian, like why should God care enough to want to have a relationship with you? Like who is God anyway? Have you ever wondered if God is powerful enough to meet your needs? Or whether God is powerful enough to address the evil in this world.

Apostle Paul in this prayer suggests that the key to making sense of all of these is to have the eyes of your understanding flooded with light.

When you begin to question things you once held dear, it may not always be a sign of backsliding. Rather it is one sure sign that understanding or clarity is greatly needed.

“The value of doubt is to keep you open to God's revelations. If you don't doubt, you don't change. If you have to have finite answers to infinite questions. Uh, you're not gonna move” (Madeleine L'Engle sample, on Clarity by Andy Mineo)
It's a process so relax, please!!!!

Knowing God is like learning something new, it takes time, back and forth, a recurring process as we move from initial confusion by the new knowledge to understanding, then to some more new knowledge then to understanding again and again till we’re filled with wisdom. 

But you’ve got to want it!! You've got to really really want understanding!!

Jesus chose to wrap his profound teachings in parables. In a way, He was challenging his listeners; if you find His words profound yet confusing. You have a choice to either draw close or withdraw. And maybe the former is just what we need. Like the disciples, Nicodemus, and countless others who with their questions drew out from Jesus, timeless truths we’re still unpacking today.

Sadly many of us like the thorny soil, are too distracted, our focus easily swayed making it difficult for the word to take root in us. If you want understanding you’ve got to follow through and press.

Introducing the Helper!!

When we resolve to pursue God in this manner an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy may engulf us. It becomes increasingly clear that alone you can only go so far. But God knows this too, and He made provision for it; by giving us the Holy Spirit.

He is the source of understanding. Unlike the student who needs to go to class every day. Our teacher is inside us and the classroom is with us everywhere we go. He’s responsible for making Jesus real to you. He is willing to teach us and bring us to all truth. But you have to keep coming to his class sessions consistently. On days when you don’t feel like it.

Can you be intentional with Him today, this month and forever? All it takes is just a cry for Help!

The Holy Spirit makes this possible, we can have clarity and we will have clarity, we can have understanding and we will have understanding, And so welcome to this new month, where we will be even more intentional in our pursuit of God.

Welcome to the Spirit of Wisdom!

Welcome to the revelation of Jesus Christ!

Welcome to understanding!

Oh! you should check out Andy Mineo’s song: Clarity! if you like rap that is!

Comment here when you do!

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2 comentários

Jefferson Plange Lernord
Jefferson Plange Lernord
05 de abr.

This really blessed me.

Thank you!


Nii lante Mills
Nii lante Mills
02 de abr.

It;s a process,......, till we are filled with wisdom!!!

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