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In 2018, we took the initiative once again, this time to help students who are deaf and dumb. We believe that, regardless of their limitation, they can still make impact and so must be heard. We visited the State School for Deaf at Ashaiman and donated educational materials, food, toiletries, etc. to the school to help in their good work. A student was also trained in poetry and was invited to perform a piece in sign language at our annual poetry event, Script on Scrolls.

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In 2017, we partnered with SCEF Internertional (Street Children Empowerment Fund) to educate and help street children in and around Bukom, a surbarb of Accra Central. In this project, we taught the kids for a month, provided them with educational materials and other important items. Finally, we trained two of the kids in poetry and invited them to our annual event (Scripts on Scrolls) to perform.

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