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Shalosh is the Hebrew word for three. It signifies amongst other things growth and reproduction, hence multiply.

“It would be well for us to spend a thoughtful hour each day in contemplation of the life of
Christ. We should take it point by point, and let the imagination grasp each scene, especially the
closing ones. As we thus dwell upon His great sacrifice for us, our confidence in Him will be more
constant, our love will be quickened, and we shall be more deeply imbued with His spirit. If we
would be saved at last, we must learn the lesson of penitence and humiliation at the foot of the
Ellen G White [The Desire of Ages]

For some months now, my focus has been on the life of Jesus. Every scripture or biblical
material I have read is tailored to soothe my interest in studying the life of Jesus, particularly
how He answered questions and solved issues, how He taught the Word and how He led the
disciples. According to the Bible, Jesus spent about 33 years on earth. The Gospel of Luke, in
Luke 3:23, states that Jesus was “about 30 years of age” at the beginning of His ministry. This suggests that the time frame from His baptism till His ascension was about three years,
considering other factors. In the span of these 3 years, Jesus fulfilled all He had to for humanity.
The lesson for me is that Jesus stayed behind the scenes, preparing, and when the time was
right, He began His public ministry. This is a valuable lesson I followed in starting Scribes.
In 2015, while lying down in bed after a lecture, I saw a vision and all that appeared was the
name SCRIBES. By then, I had now discovered my gift of writing and was in a season of waiting
on God for clarity. When the name appeared, its meaning and purpose followed abruptly. Then
the Lord gave me the mandate to bring unto Him people with the desire to share the gospel of
Christ through the medium of spoken word poetry.
Just as Jesus prepared for 30 years to do His fathers’ will in 3 years, I immediately saw the need
to build capacity and prepare for this call as well so for two years, I was studying under some
wonderful leaders in ministry. I joined certain Christian groups, served diligently, and also had
the privilege of being the director of the theater ministry of my campus church. It wasn’t until I
was about completing school that I made public the purpose of SCRIBES and later went on to
start this ministry. We shared some flyers and soon enough, got the group started. This was on
May 22, 2017.
Before that, the Lord laid on my heart to wait on Him, so while the school had vacated and
most students had gone home, Michael Nana Yaw Akongiba and I, decided to stay on campus
and pray. One of the pillars behind the growth of SCRIBES is Michael Akongiba. He has labored
more than enough and deserves to be celebrated more than enough.

There was no part of campus that didn’t hear the sound of our voices in prayer at night and
because of these prayers and sacrifices, I have come to realize that our advantage as a ministry
has not been our gifts but our reliance on God. We would sometimes walk throughout campus
praying and worshipping God. I quite remember an unfortunate incident that happened when
we decided to part ways while praying, and Michael was attacked by a thief who stole his
phone and money. We were however, not perturbed, and kept moving in prayer. It was
through this season that I had another vision on CONQUER- a book I am working on.
I have learned that even though our functionality in the Spirit is not necessarily dependent on
doctrinal exegesis and hermeneutics, it is however important to align it to wisdom. Wisdom is
the principal thing as said in Proverbs 4:7, and as a leader, it has been a priority of mine to
always seek wisdom from God and men. So while praying, I saw the need to also talk to other
people who are doing well in the creative arts ministry. I remember the advice from Nii Kwei
Turkson of Teleios, Eli Sabblah, Nana Asaase, and some others. I believed that if there was a
ministry or movement that reflects the glory of God in all ways, then I could learn from them
and model that which God had given me into being like one. I would spend hours reading,
surfing the websites of ministries such as Hillsong, P4CM, Legacy Disciple, etc., and sometimes,
donate to their ministries as a seed into building mine. This, although necessary, didn’t provide
me with an easy ride. In fact, I have faced numerous challenges that have shaken my faith in
It was through SCRIBES that I first experienced depression. I had always considered myself a
man of faith, considering my background, so depression was an alien term to me. It was not
long after we started SCRIBES that I saw my faith being swallowed into the belief that God does
not exist.
You see, it is one thing to start a ministry and it is another to sustain a ministry. Sustaining
anything God has called you to do goes beyond passion. SCRIBES has experienced several
challenges which include people, finances, venues for events, and so on. While I have suffered
many hardships in running SCRIBES, I have also experienced unusual occurrences, which I have
come to term ‘Strange Doors’. People have approached me with things that sometimes I
haven’t asked any man for, and in some cases I haven’t even prayed for. I remember during our
second edition of Scripts on Scrolls, I lost my last pair of shoes. After the event, I could not find
my shoes so when I got home, I just said a prayer and within a few minutes, my cousin walked
to my room with a pair of brand new shoes. In that same event, we couldn’t get enough money
to take care of our budgets, so while the event was over and people were going home, I was
left alone with Martha Osei behind the stage figuring out how to take care of the cost. It is quite
interesting to me, that even though I went through a lot after Scripts on Scrolls in 2018, I still
trusted God when He said we should move to the national theatre. You see, there are certain

sacrifices I have made which have cost me, and sharing them now will not sound reasonable,
except in the fullness of time. There are also mistakes I have made which have cost me but they
have refined me into being a good follower of Jesus Christ.
All the same, I am still grateful to God for this journey. Sometimes, in my carnality or moments
of doubt, I have been tempted to look back and regret a particular decision I made in the past.
An example is after a few days when I shared the news of starting SCRIBES. A man called me
and told me he was interested in SCRIBES. Before that, I was already praying for a divine helper
because I was struggling to even take care of myself, not to talk of handling a ministry. When I
met this man, he was in a luxurious car and I rejoiced knowing my prayer had been answered.
He drove me to the mall and then to Maker’s House Church to meet one other woman. We
spoke about SCRIBES and to cut a long story short, they wanted to run it even though I will still
act as the President. They asked me how much I needed and I mentioned the amount of money
I needed for our first event. Don’t judge me yet, I was in need. Later, when I got to campus, the
Lord revealed to me that this was not His will so I should retract every decision I had made that
day. You can imagine the pain I felt. I left that offer to solely offer myself to God, and even
though it hasn’t been a smooth ride, I am still thankful for the storms.
One of the many things I have been blessed with is people. I am essentially grateful to God for
the kinds of people He brought to SCRIBES. Selfless and committed people who have lived their
lives all to see the progress of SCRIBES. Many of which if I mention their names and deeds
would have me end up writing a book. From my vice president, Edem Myler, to every executive
and member. Words cannot express my gratitude. For me, my desire is not only to see the
ministry grow but more importantly, the members. It has always been my desire that they
mature, do exploits, influence and reflect the life of God in all they do so I allow them to lead,
to take some decisions although I guide, and even though others have not fully grasped the
vision of Scribes, I believe with time, they will fully join us in the pursuit of this vision.
Over the years, we have organized events – The T.R.U.T.H (a triennial event), Exhale (an
Independence Day event), Scripts on Scrolls (our major annual event), and also started an
outreach program – Project H.E.A.L. We have extended the ministry to KNUST, UCC, and Legon.
We have blessed lives through our ministrations and even supported people financially. These
are some of the things God has done through us and I am more confident about what He is yet
to do in this new season.
Jesus capped the three years of His public ministry with His death and resurrection which saw
the salvation of many lives. A seed died to bring many more of its kind. Jesus, the firstborn
among many brethren.  In the same way, our 3 years journey will be sealed with increase. This

is our year to multiply. Our year of increase and God is about to catapult us to our season of
Restorers of Truth!
Unashamed to Speak!!
Grace Unto Us!!!

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