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The T.R.U.T.H is a tri-annual Bible study program organized by Scribes Global, aimed at deepening the knowledge of its members and the general public with regards to the Bible. Seen as a BIBLE FEAST, the goal is to equip members with in-depth knowledge in the Bible and come to bear the illumination of scripture. It is also a platform for everyone to share their views or ask questions on topics discussed during meetings, align doctrines to the word of God and shape paradigms, dogmas, half- truths and false teachings.

Parading as an acronym, during the T.R.U.T.H event, members are encouraged to Take it, Read it, Understand it, Teach it and Heed it. Basically members are encouraged to take the word, read the word they took, make efforts to understand it to enable them to also teach it. All this will be irrelevant if members do not strive to heed it (the word). It is organized in March, July and November every year.

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