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Scribes Poetry began in April 2017 through a message sent across all platforms inviting all Christians who were passionate about sharing the gospel through spoken word poetry to join. The first official meeting was held on 22nd May, 2017 where the vision and mission was brought into light as well as ideas to push the vision into fruition. Since then we’ve grown into a ministry, organizing events, workshops, conferences and outreach programs.


To propagate the gospel of Christ through the arts and ministry of speaking poetry, spoken word and storytelling.

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Biblical Perspective

2 Kings 22-23, gives an account of the life of Josiah, King of Jerusalem, and the deliverance that happened in his time. Josiah was crowned king at the young age of 8, and ruled till he was 31 years. He did that which was right in the sight of the Lord. In the eighteenth year of his reign as king, he sent Shaphan, a SCRIBE to the high priest, to bring all the money in God’s Temple to the watchmen and workers of the house of the Lord.

When he went, the high priest gave him the book of the law and Shaphan the SCRIBE read it. Shaphan, upon reading the book, saw that God’s wrath was about to befall the people of Jerusalem so he immediately came to the king and read the book to him. This brought about deliverance to the people of Jerusalem.

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